Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 Screening Audiometer with Charging Stand

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AudioScope 3 Screening Audiometer with Charging Stand
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View the tympanic membrane and ear canal while screening for hearing loss, quickly and accurately. 

With the Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 you can screen your patients quickly and accurately—and with more flexibility. It’s a simple procedure that takes only seconds, and in many instances may be third party reimbursable. You can even use the instrument to visualize the patient’s ear canal before and during the screening. Because AudioScope 3 has three screening levels in one unit (20, 25 and 40dB HL), you can screen all of your patients with a single instrument. And the tones are presented at random intervals so your patients can’t second guess their hearing screen. This varied timing means improved results. Welch Allyn has also built in a 1000Hz pretone, presented at 20dB HL above the screening level, so your patients have the opportunity to “practice” listening before they’re actually screened. The Welch Allyn AudioScope 3 represents the latest in audiometric screening technology, combined with the reliability for which Welch Allyn has become known.

Product Features:

  • Halogen light and fiber optics enable brilliant view of tympanic membrane and ear canal before and during screening
  • Choice of three screening levels—20 dB HL, 25 dB HL and 40 dB HL—at 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz for all ages
  • Built-in 1000 Hz pretone lets patients “practice” listening first

Easy as 1,2,3
1. Prepare
• Seat the patient in a quiet room.
• Attach appropriate AudioSpec® to AudioScope 3.
• Instruct patient on method of response.
• Retract pinna.
2. Visualize
• Select desired screening level.
• Insert AudioScope 3 into ear canal.
• Visualize tympanic membrane.
3. Screen
• Depress “start” button.
• Observe tone indicators and patient’s responses.
• Screen opposite ear.
• Failure at any frequency necessitates rescreen.

Package Includes:
AudioScope® 3, Complete (AudioScope 3, set of AudioSpec® Specula, 110-130 V Charging Transformer, Charging Stand, Recording Forms)

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