Mepore Transparent Film Dressings

Mepore Film is a breathable, transparent self-adhesive film dressing for clean wounds that are healing.

Areas of use
Mepore Film can be used as a conformable fixation dressing to cover primary dressings as e.g. hydrogels, alginate dressings and foam dressings.
Mepore Film is also designed for a wide range of clean wounds that are in the healing phase such as closed surgical wounds, superficial burns and superficial pressure ulcers.

Main benefits of Mepore Film

  • Is fully transparent, so you can observe the wound
  • Protects the wound
  • Viral and bacteria proof, and provides a barrier against leakage
  • Fluid impermeable
  • Skin friendly adhesive
  • Conforms to wound irregularities and body contours
  • Maintains a moist wound environment


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