EP8709H Suture 6-0 Prolene 30" Blue Mono BV-1

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EVERPOINT Needles are a significant advance from stainless steel needles, providing a sharper, stronger, more bend-resistant needle to meet the demands of today’s cardiovascular interventions.

CABG patients are older with comorbidities that may cause challenges during surgery, such as calcified and friable vessels.

To avoid complications during challenging CABG procedures, surgeons need needles that are:

  • Stronger and more bend resistant for more precise needle placement, as encountering calcium can bend, break, or dull standard steel needles
  • Sharp enough to penetrate calcified tissue, even after multiple passes, as needle dulling can require increased penetration force, causing tenting and tissue trauma that may slow healing anastomoses
  • Smaller and thinner to minimize tissue trauma and bleeding in small, friable vessels

Expiration Date: 12/2020