Allevyn Heel Dressing 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" - Box of 5 REF: 66007630 - EXP10/2020

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Allevyn Adhesive Dressings


Allevyn Adhesive Dressings

Aquacel Foam Adhesive 4


Aquacel Foam Wound Care Dressing - Adhesive - 4" x 4" - EXP - 11/2021

  • One piece shaped construction
  • Non adhesive
  • Unique trilaminate construction
  • Non adherent wound contact layer
  • Highly absorbent central hydrocellular layer
  • Waterproof outer film layer
  • Protective padding
Packaging: 5/BX


  • By combining an absorbent hydrocellular pad with a non-adherent wound contact layer and breathable top film, the dressing manages fluid to maintain optimal moist wound environment
  • The breathable outer polyurethane top film helps to prevent strikethrough and provides an effective barrier to bacteria
  • The hydrocellular foam core is highly absorbent
  • The wound contact layer will not stick to the wound and is suitable for fragile skin
  • The “cup%XE2%X80? design of the ALLEVYN Heel Dressing was designed to conform to these awkward areas like heels and elbows
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Manufacturer Smith & Nephew
Brand Allevyn
Product Mfr Part Number 66007630
Hspcs A6210
Color Pink
Product Material Rayon Polyester Polyethylene
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