Y490G Suture 5-0 Monocryl 18" Undyed Mono P-1

By Ethicon

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Expiration Date: 06/2021 or Later
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Monocryal Precision Point Reverse Cutting Suture, Size 5-0, 18", Undyed, Needle P-1, 3/8 Circle


  • Reverse Cutting Needle
  • Less tissue reaction than chromic gut, less tissue drag, and no fraying
  • Frequent uses bladder, gastro-intestinal, subcuticular closure, reproductive tract, fascia closure/linea alba (young, healthy, fast healing animals)
  • Loss of 60-70% tensile strength after 1 week
  • Complete mass absorption in 91-119 days

Expiration Date: 06/2021 or Later