Ultrasound Gel Pad Aquaflex 2Cm X 9Cm

By Parker

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Parker Labs Aquaflex Gel Pad is the perfect solution for ultrasonic scans with difficult imaging in shallow or sensitive areas. The extra thickness of the Gel Standoff Pad adjusts the focal depth when scanning superficial structures. The Ultrasound Gel Pad also provides a cushion, easing the pressure on sensitive areas. Since the Aquaflex Ultrasound Pad eliminates the need for gel, except in longer procedures, it is a helpful accessory for hospitals, medical clinics, and therapy centers.

The Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad can be reused for several procedures on the same patient, but it is disposable for each new patient in order to eliminate cross-contamination. The Ultrasound Standoff Gel Pad is aqueous to prevent staining, and hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic for patient safety and comfort. Parker Labs Ultrasound Standoff Pad is available in boxes or cases to be suitable for any size facility. The Aquaflex Pad is proudly made in the USA.