Sitz Bath Mckesson Round Mauve Polypropylene

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McKesson Sitz Bath Sets. Mauve. Polypropylene basin and clamp. Polyvinyl chloride bag and tubing.. Fits standard toilets and commodes.. Each sitz bath basin has rounded edges for comfortable application, handling, and removal.. Perfect for administering soothing fluids directly to the perineal area, each set contains a 2000 mL bag, 60 inch tubing, adjustable clamp, basin, and easy-to-follow instructions printed directly on the bag. Sitz bath bags are graduated in 500 mL increments up to 2000 mL.. Single patient use.. Latex Free.


  • McKesson Sitz Bath, Round Mauve Polypropylene, Each - Model 51-4518-11
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  •  Sitz Bath. Latex Free Indicator: Latex-Free.
  •  Graduated, 500 mL Increments up to 2000 mL.
  •  Basin Material: Polypropylene.
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