Novofine Pen Needles 31G x 6mm - Box of 100

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  • NovoFine needles are thin, polished and coated with a tapered point to make your injection as comfortable as possible
  • Superflow technology makes your injection quick and easy, reducing the effort needed to inject your medicine
  • NovoFine needles have an integrated glue tower to reduce the risk of needle breakage
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    The NovoFine needle portfolio is an integral part of the Novo Nordisk delivery system, along with our diabetes medicines and pens. NovoFine® comes in different lengths and widths. It is a thin screw-on needle that is simple to use whatever your age or weight (BMI):


    • Ultra-thin and ultra-short to minimise pain and risk of intramuscular injection


    • Unique needle design to reduce risk of needle breakage or bending


    • SuperFlow technology improves the flow, for quick and easy injections