Mepilex Border Heel Dressing

Mepilex Border Heel is a new all-in-one foam dressing designed specifically for heels. Mepilex Border Heel Dressing has a specially designed 5-layer absorbent foam structure that absorbs and retains exudate. It is ideal for moderate to highly exuding wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, foot ulcers, traumatic wounds, and other secondary healing wounds. Mepilex Heel is shaped to fit the heel so there is no cutting or shaping needed, nor does this self-adherent dressing requiring any taping. This foam wound dressing can be left in place a few days depending on draining levels. It features Safetac Technology which is ideal for fragile skin and helps minimize the risk of maceration and pain during dressing changes. It has a highly breathable film backing that provides a waterproof barrier to virus and bacteria.

  • Non-traumatic to the wound and to the surrounding skin at removal1 – undisturbed healing
  • Less painful for patients at dressing changes2 – less stress for patients3, easier care
  • Excellent fluid management4 – reduced risk of leakage and maceration5
  • Maintains moist environment – optimized wound healing environment


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