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Lyofoam Max Foam Dressing 4" x 4"
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Soft, conformable and comfortable — Lyofoam Max is designed for the management of moderately to highly exuding wounds. Its high absorbency and fluid handling capacity combined with the reduced risk of maceration and leakage provide a longer wear time.

Lyofoam® Max – even better performance

  • High absorbency and fluid handling capacity
  • Reduced risk of maceration
  • Waterproof backing film acts as a barrier to bacterial and viral penetration
  • Works under compression

How to use Lyofoam Max:

  • Applying Lyofoam Max is simple
  • Clean the wound area and select a suitable size of Lyofoam Max.
  • Place the foam side directly onto the wound surface, overlapping the wound margin by about 2 cm.
  • Secure Lyofoam Max with an appropriate bandage such as Tubifast, Tubigrip, System or a fixation tape such as Mefix.