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In 1939, with little money and a lot of desire, the company that would later become known as Chester Packaging was formed. Using a house for an office, a garage for a workshop, and part of a tobacco warehouse in Erlanger, Kentucky for a manufacturing plant, the Thermacor Company was started. Canned Heat was Thermacor’s original product. It was used for the soldiers in the field during World War II to heat their food and keep it warm. This product is similar to the Canned Heat on the market today.
In the late 1940’s Thermacor began to produce medical products. Still operating in the same facility and with the same staff, lotion and enemas were manufactured for hospitals around the country. A vinyl one-piece enema tube was developed and patented by the staff at Thermacor.
In the late sixties the original owner, Chester Eaton, passed away and the company was sold. In 1973, it won a contract to produce enemas for the Armour Pharmaceutical Company. This contract changed the face of the old production facility and also created the name Chester Labs. Thermacor was still producing for the existing customer base, while Chester Labs was responsible for the Armour Pharmaceutical products. New products were developed and marketed to sustain the business, including liquid soaps and shampoos, which were added to the product line.

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