Aloe Vesta Body Wash & Shampoo, 1 litr. Bottle

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Simple to install, simple to use
The One-Touch Wall Mount Dispenser is a sturdy, one-hand, one-touch plastic unit that attaches to walls for easy accessibility at a sink or shower basin. Aloe Vesta® Body Wash & Shampoo is a mild, pH-balanced, synthetic cleanser, with a clean fresh scent, that gently cleanses the skin and hair. It contains Aloe Vera, a natural botanical extract that soothes irritated skin. Aloe Vesta® Body Wash & Shampoo is a multipurpose product that may be used as a body wash, shampoo, or hand wash.When diluted properly, it can also be used as a no-rinse body wash and a no-rinse shampoo. One-hand, one-touch push design. Easy for patients and caregivers to use. No-drip dispenser. Eliminates mess and waste. Fitted, molded shape. Easy to refill dispenser. Upside-down bottle design with a tapered neck. Stationary dispenser. Housed bottle reduces infection; controls risks by reducing the likelihood of moving it from room to room. Sturdy plastic wall unit. Reduces possibility of removal by patients. Large size (1 liter). Economical to purchase, store, and use.

Please note: This product does not contain latex.
Please see package insert for complete instructions for use.