AG Hair Root Thikkening Serum 3.4 oz

By AG Hair

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  • Panthenol
  • Silk Proteins
  • Ginseng Root Extract
  • Aloe Babadensis Extract
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    Dramatically improve the volume of fine or thinning hair, starting directly at the root. Enhanced with our highest concentration of AG’s Regenerative Complex, containing clinically-proven pea sprout extract coupled with ginseng and ginger, helping to create and maintain the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Gentle polymers lift at the root, giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

    Use it:

    Use morning and night on damp or dry hair for a minimum of 90 days. Target sprayer at the root and areas where thinning is most noticeable. Massage gently on scalp with fingers, coaxing and lifting the hair to maximize volume.

    What's in 

    •     Panthenol – helps thicken the hair shaft.
    •     Silk proteins – add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.
    •     Pea sprout extract – rebalances the lifecycle of hair by prolonging the growth (anagen) phase, improving hair density and fullness.
    •     Organic tilicene – increases volume by forming a protective and supportive film on hair.
    •     Ginseng root extract – encourages hair growth by stimulating the scalp’s metabolism bringing nutrient rich blood to roots.
    •     Ginger root extract – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiseptic.
    •     Rosemary leaf – creates a healthy environment for hair growth by disinfecting and soothing the scalp.
    •     Sage leaf, nettle, chamomile, wild cherry bark and hops herbal extracts – soothe the scalp and add shine to hair.
    •     Aloe barbadensis extract – derived from the aloe vera plant; provides therapeutic, moisturizing and healing properties.
    •     Menthol – soothes and heals scalp.


    Panthenol, Silk Proteins, Pea Sprout Extract, Organic Tilicene, Ginseng Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Rosemary Leaf, Sage Leaf, Nettle, Chamomile, Wild Cherry Bark, Hops Herbal Extracts, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, and Menthol.