Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing

ADAPTIC Non-Adhering Dressing is a primary dressing made of knitted cellulose acetate fabric and impregnated with a specially formulated petrolatum emulsion.
It is designed to help protect the wound while preventing the dressing from adhering to the wound and to minimize pain and trauma upon removal.


  • Less Stick, Less Pain
  • Helps prevent dressing adherence
  • Helps protect regenerating tissue and minimise patient pain at dressing changes
  • Helps prevent pooling of fluid at the wound site
  • Non-adhering cellulose acetate impregnated with specially formulated petrolatum emulsion permits flow of wound exudate to the absorbent dressing.
  • Prevents dressing adherences and helps prevent pooling of fluid.

ADAPTIC® Dressing is indicated for dry to highly exuding wounds where adherence of dressing and exudate is to be prevented, including: First and second degree burns, abrasions, grafts, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, nail extractions, eczema, staples, surgical incisions, lacerations, reconstructive procedures and suture lines.

How does it work?

ADAPTIC NON-ADHERENING DressingADAPTIC® Non-Adhering Dressing protects the fragile tissue in wounds by its unique structure with small mesh size, preventing tissue adherence to either the ADAPTIC® dressing or the secondary dressing on top of it.

  • The mesh allows for exudate to easily pass through to the secondary dressing used, preventing maceration of the wound surface
  • Knitted cellulose acetate fabric allows ADAPTIC® to be cut to wound size without unravelling or shredding
  • ADAPTIC® Non-Adhering Dressing removes cleanly from the wound, minimizing trauma and pain

ADAPTIC® Non-Adhering Dressing construction:

Petrolatum emulsion coated mesh
(Light Microscopy Photo (x20)

 - Smooth and gentle
 - Smaller mesh size – reduced potential of secondary dressing adherence to wound bed through the mesh

Knit structure cellulose acetate
(Scanning Electron Micrograph (x20)

 - Can be cut to wound size
 - No loose fragments or shed on cutting


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