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In 1996, Greg Specht needed help. His back had hurt him on-and-off, over the previous ten years, but never like this. As a physical therapist he was sure he had a sacroiliac joint problem and expected an SI belt to help. He was frustrated though, since he had tried every SI belt he could find, and none of them worked. With each successive episode of back pain, he suffered for several days and in time the pain would gradually diminish, only to return again. This time was different though. He had awoken on this Saturday morning with pain so severe, that he couldn’t stand up. This was a serious dilemma since he needed to help his sister move into her new home later that day. He couldn’t wait a week or two for this to get better. “I knew that I needed SI stabilization so I tried something different.” says Specht. “By tightening a rigid belt over a neoprene belt that I had secured around my pelvis, the pain went away immediately.” In that moment, Specht had developed the basic design of his first product, the Active SI Belt® 'for Sacroiliac Pain. While wearing this SI belt, he was able to move furniture all weekend without pain, and he was absolutely pain free for work on Monday morning. Despite his amazement at how effectively his new belt worked, it took several more episodes of pain followed by instant relief with the invention, for Specht to appreciate that he had developed a product that should be marketed.

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