1956G Suture 6-0 Ethilon 18" Black Mono PC-1

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925B Suture 3-0 Nylon Black Mono 18


925B Suture 3-0 Nylon Black Mono 18" C-7

J944H Suture 3-0 Coated Vicryl 36


J944H Suture 3-0 Coated Vicryl 36" Undyed Braided CT-1

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Ethicon Precision Cosmetic Conventional Cutting Prime Suture, Size 6-0, 18", Black Monofilament, Needle PC-1, 3/8 Circle

A nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical, monofilament suture composed of the long-chain, aliphatic polymers Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6. ETHILON suture is dyed black or green to enhance visibility in tissue. It is also available undyed (clear).

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Manufacturer Ethicon
Product Mfr Part Number 1956G
Price $146.00
Brand Ethicon
Expires 2025/10
Color Black
Size 6-0
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